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What are reclassifications?

Reclassifications can occur for a number of reasons, but the most common are false-positives and duplication.
Duplicate entries may occur when a confirmed case has multiple health professionals reporting positive test results.

COVID LIVE track both the 'net' movement of cases in the history, and 'new' announcements on the home page and in notes on the data sources page.


How is the number of tests calculated?

Test numbers reflect the number of tests processed and results received in the last 24 hours.
They do not reflect the number of swabs taken. Tests may have been conducted over several days prior.

Queensland Health are the only department reporting the number of 'persons tested' in addition.

NSW Health is different to how tests are counted. Multiple tests on the same person on any one day are only counted as one test, regardless of the results.

Active Cases

How are active cases calculated?

Active cases are calculated as: total confirmed cases excluding persons recovered and lives lost.
This rule can differ between jurisdictions.

NSW Health

NSW Health

From June 12, cases that are not recorded as recovered or deceased after six weeks are not included.
From June 24, active cases are locally acquired COVID-19 cases with onset in the last four weeks. This is based on the date the person first developed symptoms.


Department of Health and Human Services Victoria

From May 7 the Department began publicly reporting active cases by local government area to further enhance transparency. When the LGA is not yet known it will not show in the active numbers.

QLD Health

Queensland Health

Each day, total cases may not equal active plus recovered plus deaths, as information for some cases is still pending and will be updated in due course.

Community Transmission

What is community transmission?

A community transmission case is when no known source of the virus has been able to be identified.

Re-assignment between categories occurs when new information comes to light, so this will not match up with announced cases for the day. For example, it might take a couple of days before cases are moved from under investigation to contact not identified or another category.

Historical Cases

What is a probable case?

Probable cases are detected after antibodies of the virus are detected in blood samples through serology testing.
These are considered to be historical cases that do not carry any ongoing risk to the public or require any further investigation.

Complex Cases and Under Investigation

What is the difference between complex cases and under investigation?

Complex cases usually involve high risk workplace settings and are closely monitored by the health department.

Under Investigation is a case that came in late and the Department doesn't know whether it came from routine testing or from returned travellers in quarantine.