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My name is Anthony and I love data.

By day, I'm a Business Intelligence and Reporting Manager. All that really means is that I run a lot of reports. And I mean a lot.

When I first heard about the coronavirus I was concerned, and on March 16th I began to work from home. Curious to see how Australia was faring against this pandemic, I started searching for data to analyse. I stumbled upon and I saw our latest test count: 297. The clock read 10am. The website read "As at 3:00pm"... from the previous day?

How could we not be tracking the greatest modern threat to our existence every minute and every hour?

The Director of the World Health Organisation, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said something very important that echoed in my brain. To beat the virus we need to 'Test, test, test.'

So I asked myself, 'who' can answer these questions:
How many tests did Australia perform this week?
How many yesterday?
How many in Victoria?
The answer was no one. None of this information was readily available.

So I started tracking cases and tests by State in a Google spreadsheet. It then became a daily infographic on twitter and eventually a website, as COVID Live was born.

I now track cases, tests, deaths, recoveries, ICU/hospitalisation admissions, source of infection and community transmission. Every day I hound journalists on twitter, stream press conferences and type large numbers into little boxes.

I created this site and donate my time to update it each day because I want to keep people informed, stop the virus and above all, I believe in the power of data.

Thank you for visiting COVID Live, I hope you find it informative. I'm always open to creating new metrics and updating the data on the site, so if you have questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me via email or you can send me a message on Twitter!